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Joining us makes sense because the basic service is free of charge as it is designed to help those people who do not have the resources or simply just do not know what to do.

Clubwww1 is a club that will save you money and time as well as sore finger tips.

Imagine a club that will guide you, teach you, show you and work with you online if you wish.

Imagine a club that will provide the training and development tools you need, help you to plan your targets objectives and goals, keep you focused with your mission, your vision and your role.

Imagine a club that will surf the net to narrow down the options and provide you with a simple profile so you can make a realistic decision. Imagine you being a member of Club WWW 1 what does it cost ........

Mostly your time, your effort,

Why..... because nothing worth having is FREE.

That being said the few dollars involved in getting started means the program is open to everyone, from all walks of life.

Frankly, this is as good as it gets ... if your not satisfied we will give you your money back .... after all if you are not going to use the program, we cannot improve the way you use a computer. Use the program, join us you will not be disappointed, so sign the guest registration or join a group that can help you develop, either way, we are going to be partners for a long long time.

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The world at your finger tips..